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Choose Hope Chai Latte

If you enjoy the sweet and spicy flavor of a chai latte and are looking for some excellent health benefits at the same time,

I believe you will enjoy what I am calling the “I Choose Hope Chai Latte” recipe below.

IMG 5007 224x300 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Spicy, Sweet and Creamy

I initially experienced this turmeric infused spicy-creamy-sweet tea latte when I first met and stayed with  my survivor sister Amy of NewNostalgia with her family at her home in Lincoln, Nebraska in January of 2012.  She served it to me the last night of my visit.  The recipe and technique she used came from a guest post on her blog from Andrea at Frugally Sustainable  .

We sipped the hot soothing tea as we sat crossed legged, face to face, on her young daughter’s bed where I was sleeping for my 3 night stay.

We sipped and then set the mugs down on the hard wood floor of the bedroom so we could join together our tissue holding hands- and pray together with the promises of God’s protection from the God-breathed words of the 91st Psalm  that  Amy had just read aloud hung sweetly in the air.

psalm 91 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

A Prayer of God's Protection

She read, tears flowed, we prayed, noses were blown…. But that is another post.

I came home and tried and tried to recreate the taste of the beverage from that precious experience.  Now, finally , after months of mixing spices, changing proportions, pouring boiling water over spices through sieves, coffee filters, and loose tea “balls”  and steeping a yellow mixture that frankly ends up looking like new born baby poop (sorry)- I believe I have perfected MY method to MY taste for making your own, healthy Chai Tea Latte’.

 I messed around with the portions of spices, finding the turmeric flavor a little too strong for me. I added more cinnamon and cardamom.  The recipe below is definitely one to experiment with until you find it to your particular liking.

Is it the perfect Chai Tea Latte”?  Perhaps not, but the method, taste and healthy ingredients to this hot and comforting concoction is perfect for me-  Perfectly spicy, sweet, creamy and full of healthy ingredients that fit into this breast cancer survivor’s healthy eating lifestyle.

  When I speak of a healthy eating lifestyle, for me that means actively searching  or the beneficial whole foods, herbs and supplements that have cancer, and specifically breast cancer, fighting qualities and purposely find way to consume ( a lot) of them.

According to the website BreastCancerDefense.com , turmeric has cancer fighting properties with studies showing specific related benefits between turmeric and breast cancer.

“Turmeric contains the compound curcumin, which has been studied for its anti-cancer properties. Bharat Aggarwal and colleagues concluded in their 2003 review article on curcumin, “it is quite apparent that curcumin has tremendous potential for prevention and therapy of various cancers.” This is especially true for breast cancer as they found evidence in several studies that curcumin slowed the spreading and growth of breast cancer cells. Curcumin was found to have the same action with colon, liver and kidney cancer cells as well.”

When you find out that the spice turmeric has many disease and cancer fighting benefits the next question , for me,  becomes, “How do you consume a lot of turmeric?”

For me a twice daily mug of Tumeric infused Chai tea latte is the answer.  And when I’m not able to get in two cups a day, I take two capsules of powdered turmeric I found online.


A spice that has shown to slow the spreading and growth of breast cancer cells is a spice I was determined to get into my body daily.  This chai spice blend also calls for a good portion of cinnamon, which has shown to have preventative and treatment agents for cancer byinhibiting inflammation, which is one key linked to the formation and spread of cancer.

Chai Tea Spice Mix Ingredients

Makes 4 servings

3 Tbs ground Turmeric

2 Tbs ground Cinnamon

¼ tsp ground Cloves

1 tsp ground Cardamom

2 tsp ground ginger

Mix together and store in glass container

IMG 4985 300x224 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Prepping for Chai Tea Latte

Tea Prep- Per Serving

1 Tbs Chai Tea Mix

1 Cup Boiling Water

½ C milk – Coconut, Soy, Almond, Hemp , Cow or Goat

IMG 4986 224x300 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Heat and Sweeten Milk

(My favorites are coconut and almond)

½ Tbs Brown sugar or Coconut Crystals

(I use raw coconut crystals- a tasty Low Glycemic Sugar Alternative.  It looks and tastes much like brown sugar)

½ tsp pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon to taste)

cocunut cystals Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Great Sugar Alternative!



Bring water to a boil and pour over tea spice mix into a glass container

(Through a fine mesh sieve or cheese cloth)

Or use a Bodum Tea Press

IMG 4998 300x224 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Pour Hot Water Over Spices in a sieve or use one of these

IMG 5005 224x300 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Love My Bodum Tea Press!

 I found this to be the most convenient and straight forward process for steeping the mix

Let Steep for 10 minutes

Pour tea into mug

IMG 4988 224x300 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Pour Steeped Tea Into Mug

Heat milk with sweetener and add spices to taste

IMG 5002 300x224 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Raw Coconut Crystals Make for Healthier Sweeten Milk

Add hot milk to tea

IMG 4990 224x300 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Pour Hot Sweetened Milk into Tea

Top with whipped cream & sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice if desired.

ENJOY- Often!

IMG 4991 224x300 Healthy Turmeric Rich Chai Tea Latte  Recipe

Whipped Cream and Pumpkin Spice Make For a Real Treat!


A small word of caution-turmeric stains, so be very careful about getting it on clothing or letting it stay on kitchen counters if spilled.

Lastly, I read that turmeric is contraindicated for pregnant women, as it can stimulate the uterus.

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