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Guest Post: Trials Come So That…

I don’t know about you, but when a trial comes into my life, my first words are not usually, Thank You, God. How do you want to use this in my life? In fact, you’ll probably hear some groaning and complaining. Rather than looking for what God is doing in the midst of it, often I’m looking for the way out.

thankyougod 300x151 Guest Post:  Trials Come So That…

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Having Great Expectations in a Good God

So, I wonder, would you say you have Great Expectations? If not great- how about just expectations?   I think we all have expectation about lots of things- don’t we?  We expect things to go a certain way, we expect things from people, from ourselves….. from God.

Would you say you have great expectation of our God? Do you expect good, even great things from our God who promises us not only good, but abundant living.

John10.10 300x110 Having Great Expectations in a Good God

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Vegetable Frittata

My mom was visiting and thumbing through some magazines including Every Day with Rachael Ray and found a recipe for Frito Frittata.  She showed me the yummy picture and it reminded me how much I like egg dishes like quiche and frittata.  This recipe called for Frito’s corn chips (chopped up and put on top) and diced ham.

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Choosing to Rise: Extend Grace

(Part 5 of 5)

E is for Extend Grace

To finish up my series on Choosing to Rise, I will end with a simple thought.  Simple to think, perhaps not as simple to do, but isn’t that just the way of life?

In order to rise above hard, difficult, even agonizing circumstances understanding the amazing concept of Grace and being able to extend that God-given Grace is vital. 

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