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KarenPenfold SurvivorOfTheYear Survivor of the Year

We did it!! 

Winners.group  300x200 Survivor of the Year

On May 17, 2012 at the Survivor of the Year Finale Party, after six months of campaigning and fundraising with the most incredible team of supporters, all the votes (dollars) were added up for all three candidates and I was crowned the 2012 Survivor of the Year for Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation!

The winning amount that was announced that night was $23,700.  What is completely amazing though is that I had set a goal of raising $25,000 when the campaign began.  It was an extremely lofty goal, I know, I wanted it to be.  Lots of people have admitted to me now that they thought the goal was crazy- just “pie in the sky.”  I knew it was certainly not something I was going to take on myself, so I prayed for an idea.

I asked God to give me an idea of how I could raise $25,000.  And that’s how I got the idea to reach out to dozens of amazing, talented, skilled, creative and giving women that I have become connected to over the past 6 years through directing chapters of eWomenNetwork and ask them to come to a brainstorming session at my home.  The invitation went out to close to 30 women and on the morning of the brainstorming session my dining room sat 14 incredible women (and one man).

Amazing things came from that session- ideas, commitments, new collaborations, and a plan was set in motion.  The support of this team, my devoted Campaign manager, Tina Mora and the support of hundreds of people that gave on my behalf, when all was added up days after the finale- the total amount that we raised was $25,000.  Can you believe it?!  I still cannot wrap my head around it!  God in His Faithfulness gave me a big dream and then everything I needed to see the dream come true.  I am forever grateful to my Brainstorming Team, Tina, my Gold Sponsor, and each individual that gave his or her time, talent or monetary donation so that together this goal could be reached and we can ultimately help more women through Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation.

The foundation was named after long-time Sacramento resident Albie Carson who died of Breast Cancer on July 4, 2002. Albie’s husband (Doug Carson) and friends named the Foundation to sound like “I’ll be Aware” making awareness of early detection and proper screening their paramount goal.

I was thrilled to have my husband Brad, son Kevin, my Mom and her husband Gary, Brad’s parents and dozens of wonderful friends at the finale event to share in the excitement of the victory.

Whoever thought that I would have the blessing (while in the midst of going through 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation to treat my breast cancer recurrence) of this campaign to energize me (get me up and out of my pj’s) and fill me daily with life and hope as love and support were literally poured into by all the participation and heart-  YOU, my dear supporters gave and gave to me.

Who would have thought?

Our amazing God, who’s ways are so much higher than our ways – we cannot begin to comprehend His Majesty, Goodness and perfect plan for our lives, even as it unfold before us.  He- He thought and blessed me with a plan that didn’t look like good timing, but ended up being perfect timing for me- to continue to give my journey with breast cancer purpose and even praise.

od’s perfect plan and perfect timing.

And I thank you for coming alongside me for the ride!

It was an honor to work alongside my family, team and community to come together and make a crazy big dream turn into a reality.  Please share in the celebration with me knowing that the real winners are  ALL the women who will benefit from receiving breast cancer testing because of what we did together.

Together we are saving lives!

In Service and Hope,

KarenPenfold Survivor of the Year
Karen Penfold
2012 Survivor of the Year
Supporting Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation

Gold Sponsor

MRFinch Memorial 187x300 Survivor of the Year

Sept. 28, 1931- Feb. 24, 2012

“Just live!”

Margaret was electric and radiated joy.  Margaret died as she lived, with her window open to greet the day. Out that window she loved the view of the hills and, closer in, a cotton wood tree that popped up a few years back, a volunteer. She was good at seeing life’s gifts. The world was so beautiful to Margaret, who lived her life to the words of a song, “You know life is what you make of it, so beautiful or so what.”  So beautiful, that was Margaret.


Campaign Sponsors


Valley Hi Country Club

Valley Hi Country Club 2012 Little Big Tournament

Keller Williams Realty, Elk Grove

Oak Ridge Winery along with Ladies Night out Bunco


Campaign Team


Tina Mora

Cara Lane

Carol Dyer

Katrina Sawa

Christy Spivey

Terri Moule

Sharon Holbrook

Jonell Steckman

Stephanie Sherwood

Robert Avalos

Karen Winslow

Angela Spease

Denise Doughty

Rachelle Cain

Karen Gargiulo

Christine Wood


2012 Survivor of the Year Finale

Celebrating with my amazing friend and Campaign Manager, Tina Mora

Tinaandmecrown 224x300 Survivor of the Year

Why I Support Albie Aware