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I had the honor and privilege to be asked to be a contributor in the compilation book published by The BAM Project,
If I could only share one thing about….Becoming Unstoppable.  

My amazingly talented, gifted and dedicated friend Stephanie is the co-founder of The BAM project –  a transformational community of businesswomen (Christian and seeker alike) that creates a safe environment in which women can grow in their business and be spiritually enriched through a variety of programs, materials and avenues providing support, resources and training.

im published in a book 300x282 What Makes You Unstoppable? I Bet You Thought I’d Say “Hope”

My Dear Friend Stephanie

She and her team put on a life transforming conference last fall- their Inaugural Unstoppable Conference in Sacramento, CA.  Among the many “firsts” that were unveiled at the conference was the first If I Could Only Share One Thing… book.  This one on the topic –  Becoming Unstoppable.  When I was asked to participate in this book by providing my answer to the question,:What makes you unstoppable?” I didn’t hesitate.

I bet you think my answer is“Hope”?  Well, if so, you are wrong.  Close, but wrong.


Twenty-eight remarkable women shared their thoughtful answer – I am honored to be in their company in this inspirational book.

I’ll share my thoughts on “Becoming Unstoppable” here.  If you’d like to read the other 27 responses, you can order your copy of the book by going to TheBamProjectOnline.

Unstoppablebood 187x300 What Makes You Unstoppable? I Bet You Thought I’d Say “Hope”










“Simply- love.
God’s greatest gift to me is His Love.  His love is matchless and endless, given freely and excessively and made so entirely tangible in the love drenched on me by God’s faithful children.
I am made “Unstoppable” by the “God in carne” love from family, friends and a community that cheers me on like a street lined with ranging fans shouting words of encouragement, offering me a cup to fill me up, a pat on the back to keep me going, or arms to fall into should I trip, fall or come to the end of myself.
I am “Unstoppable” because God’s ability to demonstrate His love for me has no beginning or end.  It’s infinite.  With such love comes strength and power.
I am blessed to endure with strength and hope because God loves me.
His Word promises and His people deliver.”
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