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The Power of One

In Session one of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, we watched LysaTerKeurst on DVD share her story.  A story as a little girl that included rejection, abandonment, abuse and loss.

Because of these experiences as a young child, she then shared,  in example and example,  how she spent teenage years desperately searching for love and significance only to find herself more and more desperate.

That all changed for her when one woman said “yes” to God and sent Lysa a letter with a Bible verse.

jer 29.111 300x297 What Happens When Women Say Yes to God: Session One

“For I know the plans I  have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Even though Lysa didn’t understand it completely at the time, this verse gave her the hope she so desperately needed, she clung to it, turn back to walking with the Lord and in her sharing her story – her history- she is sharing God’s story – HIS-Story.  His story of taking broken and lost souls- souls desperately seeking love and significance – and giving them just that and more.  All because one person, a woman, felt a tug at her heart to do sometime.  In this case to send a lost and scared teenager a letter with scripture.

Lysa shared a compelling, raw story.  A real-life story.  Just like all of us have.

While the circumstances of our struggles and the degree of our messes will vary greatly- we all have a story  (or stories!) that expose our great longing and need.  Need for a savior.  That was her “‘mess”.

Then enter the woman who said “yes”.  Lysa calls that the “Messiah moment”.

The moment we let Jesus touch our mess that’s the Messiah moment and our mess can become our message to the world.

A message about transformation- healing- hope.

If we’ve let Christ into our lives we all have a message to share about the mess He transformed into new life.

Lysa says it like this:

“Saying yes begins with you- your story.  The one that only you can tell.  If it has some rough patches in it, you can allow them to work for you, not against you.  You can’t change those aspects of your past, but you can change whether or not you allow God to use them for harm or for good. In fact, those rough patches may be some of your best qualifications when it comes to saying yes to God.  That’s because God is in the change and transformation business- and if He’s changed your life, then you can be sure He wants to use your story to help change someone else’s life.”

In the workbook for this session Lysa really got us thinking about our own story and to start to write it down.

This is not easy stuff!

It brings up memories- memories full of messes.  Thanks be to God though for this Good News it’s worth saying again:

“When the messiah touches our mess it becomes our message to the world”

So along with exercises to get us to think about and put words to the three components of our story -

My MESS – What was wrong in my life

MY MESSIAH MOMENT- How Jesus met me in my mess

MY MESSAGE – How I can use my story to comfort others

In theses  exercises we were to first use a few words to describe each of these components.  Then a few sentences.  Then bring it down to one sentence each.

I think with this she is gently showing us - It doesn’t have to  take an hour to tell someone your story- just a couple of minutes!!

I’m curious and hopeful to see how the ladies at my table did with this assignment.

If we all did our hard homework, we will have lots of stories to share on Tuesday.

I hope to hear many.

And I will share mine here next week.

It’s not easy by any means!! But oh so worth it.

The ability to share our stories can and will have eternal consequences.

In Service & Hope,




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