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In her book and Bible Study, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, Lysa TerKeurst gives us all an invitation to experience life in extraordinary ways and see what happens when we embrace the obedience of recognizing God’s promptings to do something and then actually have the discipline and heart to DO IT.

sixsession discussion here What Happens When Women Say Yes To God: A Six Week Study

She describes a life changing experience of giving her precious Bible away to a stranger seated next to her on an airplane.

That day Lysa says she caught a glimpse of eternity when, instead of giving God all the excuses why she shouldn’t engage in conversation with the stranger next to her (need to rest, need to work, tired of talking),  she said yes to God’s prompting and in a few short  hours changed the life of the man sitting next to her AND the a woman who overhead their conversation.

She concluded her story by saying that not just two lives where changed that day, but three.

“That day something changed within me.  That day, for the first time, I truly heard the call of a women who says yes to God – “Whatever God says do, do it.” 

Her glimpse of eternity was recognizing we have the opportunity to have Thy Kingdom Come On Earth as it is in Heaven NOW!  We don’t have to wait for heaven- we simply need to be obedient, say yes, and watch the blessings pour in.

lysa terkeurst study What Happens When Women Say Yes To God: A Six Week Study

If you want the kind of relationship with God where you recognize His voice, live in expectation of His activity, and embrace life totally sold out for Him,  then this is a book and study for you.

In it you will learn:

  • How to listen to His voice and discern what He is asking of you
  • How to wholehearted obedience honors His presence in your Life
  • How to give yourself to Him and let Him affect lives around you in amazing ways

Oh, how I continue to want to learn how to discern God’s voice and direction!

And I wonder how often I’ve missed opportunities to change the lives of those around me because I didn’t recognize God’s prompting,  or worse – I simply ignored it.

 I had a similar experience on an airplane very recently. Yea, super similar, except with a much different outcome.  

Prior to getting on the plane I halfheartedly prayed to God to expand my reach to further his Kingdom.  The halfhearted part was the unsaid part of my prayer in my selfish heart (that God of course knows without me speaking it!).  The part that said, “God I’m really tired and want a seat next to the window so I can put my head against it and sleep.  I’m weary, but I will speak your name, share my story and tell how you love us, BUT you have to make it SUPER CLEAR that you want me to do that.

I got my seat next to the window and took out my pillow, my book and my laptop. Soon an older couple sat next to me.  I said” hello” and “excuse me” as I reached for my seat belt.

They had a quiet conversation.  I had my nap.

I opened my book, Just Walk Across the Room (it’s about personal evangelism!) and set my laptop on the small table lowered from the seat in front of me.  “Lord if you want me to talk to her have her ask me about my book.” 

This is me giving our God direction on saying yes to me!!

I read my book and wrote my notes until we began to make our dissent.  I closed up the lap top and put my book and my pillow away.

“Are you headed home?”  I asked as we were beginning to land.

“Yes, how about you?”

“Yes”, I said, “heading home from Nebraska.” 

“What brought you to Nebraska,” she asked.

“Visiting a friend and attending a women’s conference. “

“Oh a women’s conference, how interesting!”

“Yes,” I said and it was our row’s turn to enter the aisle.  We said good bye.

A woman’s conference I said. Not even “a Christian woman’s conference”.  A friend I said, not even, “ a dear  fellow breast cancer survivor”.  Both my usual responses.  Both responses that open doors for more questions, discussions, sharing of hearts.  But those were my responses at the end of the plane ride when there was no time left for questions and heart sharing.

I was too tired and selfish to simply ask earlier, “Headed home?”

“She’ll speak to me first if God wants me to talk to her” I decided in my self- imposed omniscience. 

I know how this stuff goes.  I know how to open conversation and share my hope and where my hope comes from. But I wanted to decide when.  Forget tired, I was just being stubborn and selfish.

How can I discern God’s prompting when I take on the role of God and Tell Him the circumstance under which I will share His name?


I know I need to do this study, but first much confession, cleansing and work on my heart.

Just in case you are tempted to encourage me not to be too hard on myself- I know, I hear you.  But still.  And so you know, I will encourage you too- not to be too hard on yourself, but I will also, along with Lysa, encourage you, as this study will help equip you, to step outside your comfort zone, which is where we experience the true awesomeness of God.

Additionally, I will remind you, as Lysa reminded me as I read,

“Don’t stumble over fearing you won’t be perfect or that you are sure to mess up.  Saying yes to God isn’t about perfect performance, but rather perfect surrender to the Lord day by day.”

“ Your obedience becomes radical the minute this desire turns into real action.  Radical obedience is hearing from God, feeling His nudges, participating in His activity, and experiencing His blessings in ways few people ever do.

If this is what you want, please join us!

Join US Bible Study 1024x826 What Happens When Women Say Yes To God: A Six Week Study

Please join us live at First Baptist Church of Elk Grove beginning Tuesday, May 7 from 9-11:30 a.m. in Elk Grove, Ca if you live locally or right here as we take a six week journey to embrace obedience and see what happens when we learn to say “Yes” to God.

 In Service & Hope,




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