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Recipe #2- Superfood Fruit and Kale Smoothie

A few days after hubby came home from Cosco with that HUGE bag of Baby Kale, he walked through the garage door and into the kitchen with a Vitamix Blender.

He had talked about it earlier that week when he was struggling (again) with the food processor that attaches to on our simple (cheap) blender.

“We don’t need one.  Aren’t’ they hundreds of dollars?  I do know some people that love it and use it all the time…. But we don’t need anymore things, ”  I said.

He gave me a look, that said something like, “You’re not my boss, you’re being too practical and taking all the fun out of spoiling you” all at the same time.

“Well don’t be surprised if I come home with one, “ he said as he fussed with the gunk inside the blender some more.”

I was still surprised.

And I love it! 

After reading the “how to” manual the night before, the first thing I made was this Superfood Fruit and Kale Smoothie. They recipe was on the back of the bag of kale and I already had all the ingredients-  so into the bender they went:

fruitkalesmoothie 224x300 Superfood Fruit and Kale Smoothie

And It's Not Even Green!


I fresh banana

½ Cup Frozen Mango

½ Cup Frozen Blueberries

1-2 handful’s of Organic Baby Kale

(I definitely used 2!)

1 Cup Almond or Coconut Milk

10 Raw Almonds

¼ Cup Plain Yogart

2 Ice Cubes

(I splurged and used 5!- Smile!)

I blended away using blending directions from a smoothie in the Vitamix Recipe Book and in seconds I had the easiest, best and fastest blended Superfood Smoothie.

I’m learning it’s important to put the ingredients into the blender as specified- like ice last.

Still it makes the best smoothie, especially when it comes to drinking raw kale.

Two Kale Recipes Down- Eight to go!
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