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So far in this book and study on contentment, Linda Dillow in her book, “Calm My Anxious Heart,” has taken us through the areas in our lives we can learn contentment:

  • In our circumstances
  • In ourselves
  • In our roles
  • In our relationships

In the last half of the book, apparently we will be looking at the barriers that keep us from contentment and the first one is greed.

greed 300x225 Never Enough: Calm My Anxious Chapter 6

Linda says greed is no respecter of persons.  A person may have very little and still be greedy and a person overflowing with wealth can also be greedy.

When the multimillionaire John D. Rockeffeller was asked what else he most wanted in life, he answered, “Just a little more.”

According to Linda Dillow, “When a woman looks for contentment in material possessions the things she wants simply pull her deeper and deeper into discontent.  That for which she longs, gradually becomes that to which she belongs.”

“Not only do we want what others have, our expectations continue to escalate to “more, better and easier” and then greed builds a barrier that keeps us from being content with what God has given.”

Billy Graham has said that one of his greatest concerns for our country is it’s rampant greed.

Ouch, Ouch and Ouch again.


It’s ugly and icky and I can’t find a quote about it that doesn’t sting.

After going through what Linda calls “God’s standard of never enough” :

  • Everything belongs to God
  • Heart attitude is the issue
  • God comes first and possessions come second
  • Possessions are to be used, not loved

Linda asked her readers to read Psalm 139:23-24

search my heart 300x169 Never Enough: Calm My Anxious Chapter 6

After reading and meditating on this scripture she encouraged us to pray,

“God show me where my treasure is.  Help me to be honest and show me what I can do at my house to unlatch the leech of greed from me and my family.”

Upon doing this, what I found is that my treasure, the result of my greed, is the very things that causes me so much frustration and even anxiety in my daily life.  It’s my unorganized, overflowing closets, cabinets, drawers and pantry.

What I found is like treasures- greed can be hidden in my house.  Closed behind closet doors and cupboards the greed is hidden away out of sight, but when the doors are opened- my greed is exposed.

My greed wasn’t obvious in looking around my house – looking at what is visible  No, because I have it tucked away where no one can see it and I wish I didn’t have to see it either.  But when I do see it- multiple times a day it causes my stomach to twist up in anxiety.

I’ve called it “disorganization” for so long, but through reading this chapter and writing about it, I now she my hidden away piles of unorganization for what it is and the real culprit of the anxiety it causes is greed.

It’s just an over abundance of “stuff.”  Stuff I really do not need, as shown by the fact that it’s stuffed away in closets, cabinets and drawers.  Stuff that I’m not using, stuff that I do not need as seen by the overflow of clothes, towels, kitchen items, pans, blankets, shoes, purses, costume jewelry and other STUFF.

too much stuff Never Enough: Calm My Anxious Chapter 6

Honestly, It’s not that I have an issue with buying expensive clothing or designer shoes or purses.  I don’t.  I don’t own a single designer purse and I don’t buy expensive shoes or jewelry.  No, instead I used to buy lots of clothes, purses, shoes and jewelry – on sale.  My rationalization is that since I’m a “good shopper” and shop at stores like Nordstom’s Rack and some I’d rather not mention, is that I can have – More than enough.

It’s this thought process that feeds my habit – my greed of purchasing (and keeping) many shoes, tons of blazers, tank tops and jeans.

The Lord has convicted me on this habit over the past several years and I’ve truly got so much better.  Better at the buying ( or not buying), but I find I still have “excess”.  Still there are clothes, purses, shoes, scarves that just seem to be making a mess and causing me frustration in my closet.

Yes, it’s time for a purge once again.  Time to give away that which I’m not using but only accumulating.

Why can it be so hard to do these tasks I’ve often wondered?

Again, I’ve always viewed my over abundance in my closets as disorganization and the task that needs doing as “organizing.”  (And it’s true some organization would certainly help!)

But the anxiety of it- the iciness in the pit of my stomach that keeps me from doing the task- and not just talking about the task  is ugly and it has a sharp sting.

It’s greed.


I want it out of my heart and my life.

Off to my closet I go!

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