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Silly (crazy and naive) me honestly didn’t think there would be a lot for me in Lysa TerKeurst’s  latest book and devotional “Unglued”.  Having enjoyed the devotional now for several weeks- with my morning decaf and fruit and kale smoothie, I can certainly say her teachings and messages spoke directly to me, providing great application for my- I’m learning “pretty unglued heart.”

I now realize I didn’t understand Lysa’s full use of the word “unglued,” so I didn’t see the word or topic pertaining that much to me in my life right now.

Boy was I wrong!  I have tons of things I need to work on and God is refining me in several of those areas, but I don’t think of having a quick, outward temper as being one of them. (After all I don’t have small children OR even teenagers in my house anymore.)

Lysa terkhurst 200x300 I guess I do get Unglued: Reviewing Lysa Terkhursts Devotional UngluedLysa TerkHurst

I had the blessing of going to a women’s conference at Bayside Church  in Roseville the other week where Lysa spoke in person on her topic of “Unglued.”  This is when I learned right away that becoming “Unglued” isn’t just a description of a quick outward temper.

Lysa said becoming unglued happens during times of conflict when we feel exposed or opposed.  Since feelings always accompany conflict, how we react (what our “unglued” moments looks like) will depend on what we do with those feelings.  We don’t have to react outwardly (exploder) to be unglued.

This was the big “A HA” moment and a self exposed moment for me.  If we don’t react outwardly, then we react inward and are “stuffers”, but we still react and can become unglued. (Hmmm.  I DO have lots of unglued moments after all).

She then went on to describe four different ways of becoming “unglued” depending on the person who you are having conflict with and whether you react as an exploder or stuffer.  It is great, insightful and helpful stuff to know, see and understand about yourself.  And when we better understand ourselves and our reactions our relationships with other people will improve.

Lysa made it so easy for me to identify myself in many of the situations she shared and I know it’s already helping me with several of my relationships.

As I began to read“Unglued, the Devotional”  I quickly came to realize that becoming unglued is so much more than expressing anger or frustration  in the heat of the moment- and that most of what she shared did indeed relate to me.

I loved the many topics she covers within the 60 day, 3-4 page daily devotional.  Just a few of my favorite topics included:

  1. Developing new responses by developing new thoughts
  2. Recognizing our own sin nature tendencies
  3. Questions to ask yourself when you find yourself always praying “about and not for” your husband.
  4. How to encourage and pray for distraught and broken-hearted friends.

Another thing about Lysa and the book I came to appreciate and learn from is her ability to use accounts in the Bible to illustrate life lessons applicable for today.  My favorite is the account of King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles, Chapter 20 illustrating his reaction when he found himself and his army in GREAT conflict.  He had every reason to be alarmed: stressed out, full of anxiety and entirely unglued.  But instead of reacting to his state of alarm, King Jehoshaphat chose to “resolve to inquire of the Lord”.

This was King J’s predetermined plan for himself when conflict arose. Lysa then gave her predetermined four step process for conflict, crisis and unglued moments.  She calls it her “Owner’s Manual” and those 4 steps, along with the entire book, were fun, helpful and easy to read.  Unlike too may boring and confusing owner’s manuals I have yet to start and certainly never finished reading.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.  The only thing that kept it from a five star rating, for me, was the lack of illustrations or color to go along with each day.  I’m a very visual person, so I like to see colorful illustrations or images that enhance the theme of the day’s read.

However, don’t let that keep you from this great read!

(I received Unglued Devotional by Lysa Terkeurst from booksneeze.com in exchange for my review. My opinions are my own.)

Unglued devotional I guess I do get Unglued: Reviewing Lysa Terkhursts Devotional UngluedGet it here- New and Used and for Kindle

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