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Part Two

I’ve found you cannot proclaim to speak on hope in all circumstances, to share your faith in a Good God-  trusting that whatever God brings is Good and not be brought down to your knees… over and over again.

God is good all the time 300x237 Choosing to RISE: Remember We Are Not Home Yet

The morning  my breast surgeon called, waking me from a deep sleep, to tell me my breast cancer had returned was certainly one of those days.  Yes, I’ve experienced being jolted from a peaceful sleep to awful news.

The kind of news Satan loves- the kind of news that Satan – the father of all lies, who comes to steal, kill and destroy- would love to use to mock me- “Where is your God now”, to taunt me-“ No good can be brought from this.” To temp me with his lies- “Your God doesn’t love you -  This is what being forsaken feels like.“

Satan may have the power to mock, taunt and temp me, but He does not have the power of the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead- like I do – living and breathing inside of me.

So through  my tears, through my anguish I decided to keep on doing the same thing I’ve been doing my whole Christian life and certainly these past few years while battling breast cancer-

I decided to believe Truth, not lies, to choose hope and not fear, to Rise from the ashes- to rise from the rubble on the ground and the trouble I had found.  I decided once again to RISE.  Not on my strength- but His right?

Can you hear it?  The words to my personal anthem?

“For He- who is in me- is greater than I will ever be and I will rise.”

I like to use the Acronym R.I.S.E. to share in practical, how-to terms, what I do to choose hope in all circumstances.

R- Remember We Aren’t Home Yet

This place on earth, this city, the roof over your head, this is not our home.

This is something I actively Remind myself to remember.  I take time to Reflect on this truth.

And when I’m done remembering, reminding and reflecting- I Rejoice in it’s truth.  We are NOT home yet.

“There Will Be A Day” by Jeremy Camp


I remind myself of this glorious fact often when I’m troubled over this world and all it’s suffering – and  when I get caught up in my own.

 I’m not home yet I tell myself.  And I hear the words to Jeremy Camp’s song-

There will be a day.

With no more tears

No more pain

No more fears

Can you hear it?

‘There will be a day when the burdens of this place will be no more, and we’ll see Jesus face to face.”

Then, that’s the  day we will be home!  That is our glorious hope!  Christ in me- “the hope of Glory! “  Col.1:27

This small scripture for me has two of God’s riches promises.

Two promises- one for today- Christ in Me- living in me, dwelling in me – his Holy Spirit- giving me strength, comfort, & wisdom.

And the promise for later- the Hope of Glory.

Yes, that divine hope that this world is not our home, but one day we will be in a place of constant peace with no more tears, no more fears- we will see Jesus face to face.

In Service & Hope,


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