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Part 1 or 4 – Blessing from the Rubble

I recently  had the wonderful opportunity to speak to a newly formed women’s network in Galt , CA called Women Inspired Network.  I was asked to give an inspirational message to 100 women gathered together to be encouraged and inspired in community.

speaking at win 137x300 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part One

That morning  I shared just two of my experiences of celebrating life and victory in community and how I’d been blessed by the love, support and prayers of  several communities- from long time girlfriends, work friends and neighborhood communities to brand new friends and complete strangers.

Having such an opportunity to share with women, I would spend hours in prayer asking the Lord for His blessing,  as I attempt to share my stories of victory- praying the women would see all that God has done for me and GIVEN to me through my breast cancer  journey.

And So I began, as I typically do after being introduced- I rise up and dance to the beginning of the Song “Rise” by Shawn McDonald.

I will Rise out of these ashes. Rise. From this rubble on the ground to the trouble I have found- I will rise.

For He, who is in me, is greater than I will ever be and I will rise.

Over the past few years I have derived much strength and hope from this song and these words.

But, I will admit that I didn’t always feel like dancing, singing or bebopping around during these past three years.

Some days I cried buckets of tears and other days I was so exhausted from the effort to recover from one thing after another that I was just too tired to feel much at all.

 I may not have felt like dancing-  not even to my favorite song with the fun beat, but I can tell you this-  I never felt hopeless in my breast cancer journey.

Never hopeless.

There were times I felt scared, tired, sad, unsure of the future.

Yes , definitely.

But not hopeless.  NO WAY!

My God is too Great for hopeless.

I can hear the words and feel their meaning in my heart right now- just as I did when I first heard these words.

For He who is in Me is Greater than I will ever be and I will rise.

God bigger than problems 300x199 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part One

What do those words mean to you?  To me He’s singing to my soul-

Karen I bigger than your breast cancer, I’m bigger than your broken back, I’m bigger than the unknown that scares you.

Can you hear Him singing over you too?

He’s bigger than the weight of this world that may be pulling you down too.

What keeps you from feeling like you can’t rise from it?

I pray and wonder – What’s your rubble on the ground and the trouble you have found?

Whatever it is- I want to encourage you today that you CAN rise from it.

And I say that with all sensitivity not knowing your pain and your struggles.

I don’t know.

But I do know this God of ours.  And I do know from experience after experience, after experience that

  • He does bind up wounds

  • He does heal brokenness

  • He does restore life

  • He does bring Hope

  • He IS Hope.

Never have I felt the loving and peaceful presence of the Lord so much as I have over these past three years  as I’ve gone through:

  • One breast cancer diagnosis,
  • test after to test to determine how much it had spread,
  • days when they believed it had spread to my lungs,
  • endured surgery after surgery,
  • then chemo treatments,
  • then more surgery.
  • To finally being told I was cancer-free
  • then being re-diagnosed again less than a year later,
  • then that car accident to recover from,
  • more surgery,
  • more chemotherapy
  • and radiation.

Now I don’t list this out so you will think- Oh my, listen to what she went through.


I list them out to so you can know and say-

Wow! look what God brought her through.

  • Lovingly giving her one opportunity after another to choose hope over fear,
  • Teaching and equipping her to make the choice for hope again and again, and
  •  Giving her the blessing of using her and growing her in the midst of her struggle so she can minister to others.

As I am blessed to be able to share parts of my journey with others, my prayer is always,

Please Don’t see  me- please see HIM.

I so want you to see what God has done for me, what he had given me through this breast cancer journey.

Because this is the journey when I discovered just how big our God is.

Bigger than me and any problem I was facing.

Bigger than my cancer, bigger than my fears, bigger than the unknowns.

Bigger. Greater.

This is when I became living proof that what was meant for evil,  (diseases and accidents that come to mame and destroy) God will use for good. 

This is the journey where I stood in the Valley of the Shadow of death and every time was comforted by the presence of the Lord.

This is the journey where I was tested to believe God’s promise that says He knows the plans He has for me- plans to give me hope and a future.

plans for hope and future 300x300 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part One

This is the journey where I got to experience His promises again and again-  that He will bring ALL things together for the good for those who love him and are called according to His purposes. 

This is the journey that I call my Pilgrimage of Hope and I’m so honored and touched to share some of that journey with you.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Thank you for your powerful hope that reaches so many. You are a very inspiring lady. I’ve written two songs, one about cancer and one about going through trials and looking back on them. Reaching out for support and help, and the joy of having come up through affliction. Here are the links I hope you find them connecting, and possibly helpful. Cancer Song-Not a Scarlet Letter: http://youtu.be/GcSJJoUHL_0 Scars In My Eyes: http://youtu.be/QT1S27bxFdk

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