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Part 2 of 4 – The Wig Party

I always love to share the fun, exhilarating and life-giving stories that are now mine of all the amazing people that came together in support of me as I fought breast cancer.

 One of my favorite memories to share is of close girlfriends coming together to celebrate friendship and life by giving me a joyous “Wig Party”.

Wig sisters1 300x225 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part Two

Everyone invited was encouraged to wear some sort of wig- be it silly, serious or hideous in support of my new bald, wig- wearing head.  I had two “nice” wigs I could have worn, but instead I sent my mom on a mission to the beauty supply store to pick up hot pink hair color in a spray can.  I found an old blonde wig in our “costume” closet, cut it into a bob and sprayed it pink.  I had my poor mother in the Napoleon Dynamite wig our boys had used various times.  She looked like Little Orphan Annie, but was a really good sport about it.

What fun it was to take something as serious as breast cancer and find light and laughter within the safe and loving community of my girlfriends!

Mom and Me.wig party1 300x232 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part Two

Mom always a good sport!


the bartenders.wig party 300x251 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part Two

The Bartenders. My Hubby is in the Middle

My sweet girlfriends who put on the party decorated the hostess’s house with a huge sign saying,
“Celebrating Friendship!”

group short.wig party 300x261 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part Two

I Absulutely Love This Picture!

While I didn’t quite have the appetite for all the yummy pink cocktails, delicious snacks, and colorful treats, they still filled my soul to the brim and I loved seeing everyone enjoy them so much.   Girlfriends from my neighborhood, church family, long time girlfriends including women from “play group” going back 20 years, where there to give me encouragement and hugs.  Notes of encouragement, blessing and  prayers were written out for me by each friend and later assembled into the most beautiful scrapbook that captures the love, blessing and hope that evening represented.

eWnmembers.wig party 300x227 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part Two

My eWomenNetwork Sisters

Later that night, after we returned home and my husband was fast asleep, I sat on the floor of our walk in closet and read each message of love, of care, of concern, of support and I cried hot, sweet tears of gratitude.

  “Lord, how could you love me so much as to give me this-  these people-  this community?!”

I felt God’s presence with me in the closet that night, as I did in the room full of beautiful women and a a few goofy looking men – It was as if with every hug, every smile, every word written on every note God was pouring out His love for me through them – Through my community of sisters.

It was a beautiful night – and several weeks later, while I was having a chemo treatment, my dear friend Shannon gave me a beautiful scrapbook album capturing in photos, words and adornments the beauty and power that was that night and that is  . . .  Sisterhood.

Scrapbook1 225x300 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part Two

Sweet Memories for Life


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