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Part 4 of 4- A Continuous Path

The adventure to the top of Half Dome and back was the first of many victory celebrations I experienced in 2010.

After half dome in September I went to Maui with my husband in March and we celebrated there for a week and then with our two boys and Brad’s whole family in Utah, house boating on Lake Powell.

I was so excited and grateful to be able to do so many active things again like playing golf and hiking.

meandbradhiking1 300x224 Celebrating LIfe and Victory: A Continuous Path

At Lake Powell I went cliff diving (well cliff jumping) with my boys and the other teenagers.

Our oldest son agreed to video me shouting out in victory “Breast Cancer Sucks- God Still Rocks!” and then jump of the 20 foot cliff into the water.  Yea, I would have felt pretty cool had I not been wearing a big orange life preserver and plugging my nose with my fingers as soon as I leapt off the cliff and all the way down until I hit the water.

Yes, I loved to celebrate my victory and give praise to my God.

That was July, 2010 and it was the very next month in August when I felt a lump under my armpit, had it biopsied and discovered my breast cancer had returned. 

Days later while still trying to come to grips with that,  I went on a business trip with my husband to  Las Vegas. While he was working I went off on a hike .  As I was driving back in a rental car to the hotel, I  made a left turn thinking I had the right away.  I didn’t and when I turned a truck I never saw slammed into me at about 50 miles an hour.

And that’s where my journey, my challenges, my struggles, my pain, confusion and also my faith and hope – my way back up the mountain top to victory began again. 

You see- I’ve learned my journey, my Pilgrimage of Hope, is not a single event or time period in my life.

 It is a continues path my God has blessed me with- and I do say and mean blessed,  as this is the life, the path, the journey God has entrusted to me.

Every pain and sorrow not missed by him- used to grow me and transform me into the person and the plan he has for me.

None of the struggle wasted, for I have experienced and continue to live out the truth of His promises that:

  • He will never leave me or forsake me
  • He is my strength, my comfort and my healer
  • His plan for me (for you) is good and perfect and includes a future and hope

god is good Celebrating LIfe and Victory: A Continuous Path

I’ve experienced and will continue to experience- the truth of his promise that we can rejoice in our suffering, because hardship produces perseverance and perseverance produces HOPE.

Can you hear it – The words to my favorite song?

“For He, who is in me, is greater than I will ever be and I will rise.” 

Our God IS bigger than our cancers, bigger than our mountains of struggle, hurt and pain.

He’s bigger than our own ability to climb from-  the valleys in life to the mountain top victories.

He’s bigger, He’s greater and oh how He loves us !

Because of that I get to – and you get to – Choose Hope Everyday!

In Service & Hope,


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