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In her book and Bible Study, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, Lysa TerKeurst gives us all an invitation to experience life in extraordinary ways and see what happens when we embrace the obedience of recognizing God’s promptings to do something and then actually have the discipline and heart to DO IT.

sixsession discussion here What Happens When Women Say Yes To God: A Six Week Study

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I have a new love, a new desire, another passion.

I look forward to it, revel in it and speak highly of it to others.  It’s hard, but it makes me stronger.

It pushes me but it makes me stretch. It sounds so easy until you actually do it- this thing called yoga.


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Calm My Anxious Heart: A Faulty Focus

In the Chapter “A Faulty Focus” Linda Dillow says that a woman who knows her life purpose is likely a woman of contentment.

She described a young woman who knew her purpose in life- it was to know Christ and to make Him known.

I was moved by the simplicity and the enormity of such a life’s purpose written out in 7 words that make up a narrow, yet vast statement all at the same time.

It’s all about CHRIST-narrow.  It’s ALL about Christ- vast.

“A woman who knows the meaning and purpose of her life,” says Linda in this chapter, “lives with a fixed focus and not a faulty focus. “

Focus Have Focus  Write a Purpose Statement for Your Life

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So far in this book and study on contentment, Linda Dillow in her book, “Calm My Anxious Heart,” has taken us through the areas in our lives we can learn contentment:

  • In our circumstances
  • In ourselves
  • In our roles
  • In our relationships

In the last half of the book, apparently we will be looking at the barriers that keep us from contentment and the first one is greed.

greed 300x225 Never Enough: Calm My Anxious Chapter 6

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Part 1 or 4 – Blessing from the Rubble

I recently  had the wonderful opportunity to speak to a newly formed women’s network in Galt , CA called Women Inspired Network.  I was asked to give an inspirational message to 100 women gathered together to be encouraged and inspired in community.

speaking at win 137x300 Celebrating Life and Victory in Community: Part One

That morning  I shared just two of my experiences of celebrating life and victory in community and how I’d been blessed by the love, support and prayers of  several communities- from long time girlfriends, work friends and neighborhood communities to brand new friends and complete strangers.

Having such an opportunity to share with women, I would spend hours in prayer asking the Lord for His blessing,  as I attempt to share my stories of victory- praying the women would see all that God has done for me and GIVEN to me through my breast cancer  journey.

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