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S is for Stay in the Present

(Part 4 )

Stay in the Present by listing his Presents 

Counting your blessings is nothing new.  And yet there is still much written and said about the truth that being thankful helps bring peace of mind.

A beautifully written book on this subject is Ann Voskamp’s , One Thousand Gifts where she shares her quest to discover a way of living life fully alive in the present and experiencing the constant presence of God.

1000 gifts Choosing To Rise: Stay in the Present [Read more...]

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I’ve had a plan.

My idea- my determination- on how things will go.

Two years from the last occurrence of my breast cancer and two years since having a “clear” PET Scan, I determined that would be the time I would  have another PET Scan.  Blessed by wonderful medical insurance coverage, I could have had a scan 6 months post having my lymph nodes under my right arm along with any remaining cancer removed.

Petscanmachine 300x199 May Our Plans Align: Its PET Scan Time (For me having the scan isn’t stressful, it’s the waiting on the results)

To check to see. . .   And again in another 6 months, or a year ago, I could have checked then to see if I was still “clear”.

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On this July 4, I thought I would share a “Freedom Story.”

When I was a little girl I use to go in the backyard on our swing set and I would  get on the swing and I would go as high as I could.  I would pump and pump my little legs singing my own songs to God, “I love you God” –just whatever came to my mind.  I thought if I got high enough that I could touch God.  And I thought if I sang loud enough then he could hear me. And So I would find myself on that swing quite a lot swinging as high as I could and singing at the top of my lungs to him.

girl on a swing 300x300 A Freedom Story on July 4th: A Little Girl On A Swing [Read more...]

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Part Three

I- Ignore The Noise Of The World

The noise of the world says:

“It’s not fair, You deserve to be happy, bad things shouldn’t happen to good people, we should not have to suffer, we deserve a good and happy life.” 

This is the noise of the world- it permeates our society- but is it truth?

No it’s not.

God never promised us an easy, trouble or pain free life.

In fact the opposite is true.

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Part Two

I’ve found you cannot proclaim to speak on hope in all circumstances, to share your faith in a Good God-  trusting that whatever God brings is Good and not be brought down to your knees… over and over again.

God is good all the time 300x237 Choosing to RISE: Remember We Are Not Home Yet

The morning  my breast surgeon called, waking me from a deep sleep, to tell me my breast cancer had returned was certainly one of those days.  Yes, I’ve experienced being jolted from a peaceful sleep to awful news.

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