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As I was preparing to share breast health and healthy eating information to a Mom’s in Motion group this last Saturday morning, I thought I would share the same information here on my blog.

I’m often asked if I have changed my diet since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. The answer of course is “Yes” and since I’m such a wordy and open person, I can’t just stop with a simple “Yes”.  I want to share what I’m learning about healthy nutrition, food and supplements.

I find that people are very interested in what kind of “diet” I’m eating. When I say that I have given up eating red meat and concentrate of plant based eating it is easy to assume I am a vegetarian or vegan.  I’m not though.

For me it’s not so much about what I don’t eat as it is about what I DO eat.  I am strategic about what I put in my body.

There are amazing disease fighting, cell generating, and cancer fighting foods God has put on this earth for us to eat.   Those are the foods I feast on.  These days such foods are referred to as “Superfoods.”

So what’s my diet?  I choose Superfoods.

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Recipe #4- Cashews and Kale

I found this quick-and-easy kale recipe on a blog I check out every now and again called “The Kicking Kitchen”.  The author has a cookbook out, “Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen” which is intriguing to me.

I was really pleased with this straight-forward recipe that uses basic ingredient and introduced me to a new one- Tamari.  I learned that Tamari is very similar to soy sauce, however it’s gluten free and I found it less salty than soy sauce.

I used baby kale, spinach and arugula, so I didn’t need to remove the stems from the kale.  I didn’t have any raisins and forgot the garlic and the dish still turned out very flavorful.  The cashews do soften up nicely in the saute’ pan and add a sweet and nutty flavor and as the author notes, “ups the protein, mineral and antioxidant content and are a great source of magnesium.”  Add that to the super nutrient dense kale and this side dish is a powerhouse!

My husband and I enjoyed it serve with baked salmon over quinoa.

kale and cashews Cashews and Kale: #4 Superfood Kale Recipe
PinIt Cashews and Kale: #4 Superfood Kale Recipe


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My husband has been making this Rhode Island Style Clam Chowder soup for years.  It came from foodnetwork.com.

This recipe is super easy and quick to prepare.

Makes a great light soup.

Serve with whole grain rolls or corn muffins.


CLam chowder 200x300 April Healthy Soup Recipe: Rhode Island Clam Chowder [Read more...]

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When a friend is recovery from surgery, your husband has a sore throat or one of your away-at-college son’s has mononucleosis – what’s a mom to do?  Make homemade chicken noodle soup!

Yes, unfortunately it’s true, we recently found out our oldest son has mono, so we are headed down to see him and our youngest son at school at Biola University this weekend.  I’ve already sent him a list of vitamins (C!) , supplements (Echinacea) and whole foods (blueberries)  to buy at the store and  mailed a package with cell building protein powder and other awesome antioxidant-rich supplements like Graviola and green tea capsules, but I will also personally deliver  stock of more of the same.  And frozen Get-Well Chicken Noodle soup.  I’m so glad that this is one of his favorite meals that I make.

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Thai Chicken Soup

IMG 5792 12 Months of Healthy Soup Recipes: Thai Chicken Soup

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