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When you are a breast cancer survivor, or survivor of any cancer, life threatening or quality of life-threatening disease, you start to be tuned into news and information about  beneficial foods, herbs and supplements for your particular health challenge and immune system in general.

At least this is the case for me.

A quick type of the fingers for a search on the internet with a few key words like “breast cancer”, “health” and “supplements” and soon you have days worth of information to sift through.

So we survivor’s talk and share and we ask our doctor’s for their opinions and buy a few books on the subject We read some more, hang out at the health food store picking up bottle after bottle, reading labels,  and  soon we’ve got a good supply of “goodies” covering our kitchen and bathroom counters.

At least this is the case for me.

millkthistlecollage.blog  1024x1024 Supplements I Take and Why: Milk Thistle

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I’m finishing up with the last four suggestions of Practical and Thoughtful things to do for a Friend Recovery from a Mastectomy. Here is part three of three:

9.  Does your friend love chocolate dipped strawberries?

box of chocholate dipped strawberries 300x224 How Can I Best Support my Friend after her Mastectomy? Part Three

So thoughtful, beautiful and delicious!



Do you know your friend’s favorite See’s Candy? I received truly the “sweetest” gifts that made me smile from ear to ear:  A box of See’s candy  that had all my favorites- Scotchmellows!

Now that’s a friend that knows the important things about you!

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12 Practical and Thoughtful Ways to Show Love and Support to a Woman Recovering From a Mastectomy: Part Two

Oh the memories writing this post is bringing back to me.  Reminding me how God continued to show me and shower me with His Love through the thoughtfulness, creativity and kindness of my “supporters”. I am so grateful that I was asked the question, “How can I show love and support to my friend recovering from a mastectomy?

in bed with flowers 225x300 How Can I Best Support my Friend after her Mastectomy? Part Two

God has promised He will never leave us nor forsake us (Deut. 31:8).  I believe one way He fulfills this promise is through the love He pours out through the love and care of His people.


I’m so blessed to have and continue to receive the demonstration of this”Never will I leave you” love from our gracious  God.





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How Can I Best Support my Friend after her Mastectomy?

wall of hope 225x300 How Can I Best Support My Friend After Her Mastectomy?

Receiving Cards is very Encouraging

Just yesterday another woman from my church family had a mastectomy.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer last month.  She could feel nothing, but through her annual mammogram something unusual was detected and then a needle biopsy confirmed breast cancer.

Now that I am coordinating the Free Mammogram clinics through Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation  and St. Josesph’s Mobile Mammogram clinic I am on the phone with women many days a week.  A woman from our church body  called me this week, referred by her friend who is just had mastectomy surgery yesterday.  She needs a mammogram and wanted info about our clinic coming up.

As we were about to hang up- she said, “Can I ask you one more question?”

“How do I help my friend through her recovery?

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I have a dear friend whose sister, unfortunately, is scheduled for a bilateral mastectomy next week.  My sweet friend, like many other caretakers, friends and loved-ones of breast cancer fighters, wants to know what she can do, tips she can pass on, how she can lessen her burden and pain and add to her rest and recovery.

 It’s only been a bit over 2 years since I had my bilateral mastectomy,so I don’t have to think back too long ago to remember some ideas I can share as my friend’s sister (and God-only-knows how many more women are preparing right now for mastectomies in the coming weeks.

004 225x300 Tips: Preparing for Mastectomy

(Here is a picture of me days later at home. My mom put those flowers in my lap for me- a vase of flowers is definitely too heavy to move after surgery)

Take the time to prepare.

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