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The third chapter is about being content with the way God made you.  Linda Dillow says that being “content with the me” is more than being satisfied with ourselves, we should praise God- thank Him for who He made us to be.

I first I resisted her suggestion that we take out our Bibles and read Psalm 139.  As she said, it’s such a popular Psalm. I know this Psalm particularly these familiar verses:

baby psalm 139 Calm My Anxious Heart: Content To Be Me

When I read these popular verses I can’t help but think of a new born baby- such a miracle.

But I haven’t exactly read these verses and the entire psalm with myself in mind.

That God knit me together in my mother’s womb, that he wove me together in the depth of the earth, that my days were ordained by God and written in His Book even before my body was formed.

What does this say to me? 

What does it say to you?

In the book, “Trusting God Even When it Hurts, “Jerry Bridges says that verses 13-16 of Psalm 139 should be taken as a unit describing the plan God has for you and me.  Look at Verse 16

psalm 139.16 Calm My Anxious Heart: Content To Be Me

We are not an accident.

Look at these verses and see that He formed what you will look like, what your personality traits would be and that God, the creator of the universe and everything in it , created you to be just who you are.  Same for me.

He’s created me to be just who I am.

If I am not content with that, then what?  I’m telling God he is wrong. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to tell God he’s wrong about anything.

So I am to be  content with how I was formed, in fact, not just content , but like the Psalmist David, Linda suggests part of our contentment means we actually praise God for exactly who he formed us to be.

psalm 139.14 Calm My Anxious Heart: Content To Be Me

Do I praise Him for who he made me to be?   

I can praise him for his babies all pink and pudgy and perfect.  They are fearfully and wonderfully made.  That seems easy to do.  But what about myself?

Can I praise Him for how he created be and be content with the imperfect me?

The hardest thing for me to be content with are my abilities.  I always want to do and be …. I don’t know… more, so these next words of Linda’s particularly hit home to me.

“Too often, in our lives, accomplishment and doing overshadow growth and becoming. We frantically scurry around trying to paint the picture with our activities, but our being must be settled before the doing.” 

Hmm.  Our Being.

Next Linda asks the question, “What are men and women praised for in scripture?  For their internal character right?

God created us to focus on becoming like Christ- shaping our internal character into His image.  We, however, tend to focus not internally, but externally- how our frame looks and what we can do with that frame.

Which reminds me of another familiar scripture from 1 Sam. 16:7,

1 Sam. 16.7 Calm My Anxious Heart: Content To Be Me

And it’s a good reminder that instead of focusing on our outward qualities and appearances- God focuses on our inner qualities, so that is where my focus should be as well.

To be content with the me God made me to be is to praise him for the who he made me to be- trusting that the qualities and characteristics He gave me are to fulfill the purpose He has for me.

For me, not what I do, but who I am.

 And I will be content and learn to praise Him as long as I continue working on that inward character of mine and begin to even show a glimpse of the likeness of my dear Christ.   

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