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Growing up my mom used to make a creamy pink chilled soup called Borscht.  If I remember correctly her German grandmother used to make it for her.

served 300x225 July Healthy Soup Recipe: Chilled Summer Borscht [Read more...]

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Guest Post Series

(Part Three)

The following post is part of a series that details the beginning of my journey becoming a PREVIVOR of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. I carry a DNA mutation, but I do not believe this was a mistake. I believe that God created me with purpose in each detail of my being. In this, and those that follow in the series, I want to share my experience, and how He used what could have been a devastating situation, into the start of something beautiful, something that changed me forever.

choosing a surgeon 300x300 Guest Post Series:I’m a PREVIVOR | choosing a {plastic} surgeon. [Read more...]

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I’ve had a plan.

My idea- my determination- on how things will go.

Two years from the last occurrence of my breast cancer and two years since having a “clear” PET Scan, I determined that would be the time I would  have another PET Scan.  Blessed by wonderful medical insurance coverage, I could have had a scan 6 months post having my lymph nodes under my right arm along with any remaining cancer removed.

Petscanmachine 300x199 May Our Plans Align: Its PET Scan Time (For me having the scan isn’t stressful, it’s the waiting on the results)

To check to see. . .   And again in another 6 months, or a year ago, I could have checked then to see if I was still “clear”.

[Read more...]

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On this July 4, I thought I would share a “Freedom Story.”

When I was a little girl I use to go in the backyard on our swing set and I would  get on the swing and I would go as high as I could.  I would pump and pump my little legs singing my own songs to God, “I love you God” –just whatever came to my mind.  I thought if I got high enough that I could touch God.  And I thought if I sang loud enough then he could hear me. And So I would find myself on that swing quite a lot swinging as high as I could and singing at the top of my lungs to him.

girl on a swing 300x300 A Freedom Story on July 4th: A Little Girl On A Swing [Read more...]

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Healthy Soup Recipe by New Nostalgia

amy 246x300 June Healthy Soup Recipe  Black Bean & Salsa SoupMy Amy

Black Bean and Salsa Soup

Here it is the last day of the month and I haven’t posted a Healthy Soup recipe yet for June.  Honestly I’ve been traveling quite a bit with my husband this summer which has us eating out more and making less dinners.  Also, I’m not much of a “chilled soup” person, so I don’t make a lot of soup during the summer.  Still a healthy soup recipe is needed, so I took to the pages and pages of recipes on my awesome and ever-talented friend and blogger mentor- Amy of New Nostalgia. I found a post of her’s for this super easy and healthy black bean soup recipe that she loves from her favorite cookbook, The Happy Herbivore.

[Read more...]

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