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On this July 4, I thought I would share a “Freedom Story.”

When I was a little girl I use to go in the backyard on our swing set and I would  get on the swing and I would go as high as I could.  I would pump and pump my little legs singing my own songs to God, “I love you God” –just whatever came to my mind.  I thought if I got high enough that I could touch God.  And I thought if I sang loud enough then he could hear me. And So I would find myself on that swing quite a lot swinging as high as I could and singing at the top of my lungs to him.

girl on a swing 300x300 A Freedom Story on July 4th: A Little Girl On A Swing

Then I grew up, got too old for swings and definitely lived a rebellious, promiscuous life- looking for love in all the wrong places.

But when I came to Jesus and I discovered who He was and I opened my eyes to His love, He spoke to me that He was the love that I’d always been looking for and He spoke even deeper to that little girl’s heart and He said – “Now you know that you can touch God through me and He hears your songs and your voice.”

This isn’t my story. It’s Sherrie’s story. ( I received her permission to share it here).

It’s her candid, heart-response to the question, “What did you dream of as a little girl.”

 In sharing her answer to that question to 40 women in a rustic retreat center in the middle of Nebraska, in 90 seconds and 150 words,  she shared perhaps the most important story any Christian could share.

Some call it a personal testimony or your “How I met Jesus story”.

An “I was lost but now I’m found”  account.

As Christians we all have a story to tell.

What is your redemption account? Your “I was lost, but now I’m found song?  

Perhaps you can’t remember not being a Christian, unaware of the day, the circumstances, the verse that opened your blind eyes to see the Christ that saved you.  You still have a story.

If you’ve lived long enough to go through a valley, to climb a mountain top or wonder within a desert; you have a story of redemption, hope found… new life.

How has knowing the truth of God’s love, grace and forgiveness impacted the choices you’ve made, the outcomes of your hardships, or your attitude or expectation of what it means to be “happy”, “content” or to have “hope”.

I wonder, I wonder.

What is your freedom story?

What a blessing it would be if you would share it here.

In Service & Hope,


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